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Future in Store for Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars Are Going to Kill Insurance Companies

Great read on the futuer of Driveless Cars. Not just for their impact on the insurance companies, but on their implications overall.


Flipboard to Acquire Zite

From Gigaom:

Flipboard announced Wednesday morning that it is acquiring Zite, a competing news-recommendation and content-sharing app currently owned by CNN, and will use that acquisition to create a broad advertising and content partnership with the news giant.

Too bad, I really preferred Zite to Flipboard. Don’t get me wrong, Flipboard is a great app, I just found Zite’s interface and content curation to be much more appealing.

Hopefully we’ll get the best of both worlds from this acquisition, but somehow I’m skeptical.


Cable – Cutting the Cord

Gizmodo recently posted a great article detailing the steps needed to ditch cable. The article has some excellent reviews on the different streaming options out there, as well as the devices that will plug into your TV to support the streaming providers.

While online streaming options and libraries are growing, I don’t believe cable-cutting and substituting with the likes of Netflix and Hulu is a viable option for the habitual TV watcher. The technology and services are there, but the content licensing (and by extension, the streaming content libraries) isn’t where it needs to be yet. The closer you try to get to a live TV experience will require more and more hoop-jumping, where ultimately the user experience of the cable-cutter suffers. I think the stream-what-you-want-to-see-now model is where everything is heading, but On-Demand “TVOIP” still has some hurdles to clear in order to become a convenient reality.